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Eric Bushman
PO box 261 ericscottbushman@yahoo.com Scottsville, KY 42164
  • p: (270) 239-6887


It's love at first Sight ....... Every art lover who lights up when they see one of my Photographs is a true connoisseur who never settles for second best. His/her passionate taste is satisfied only by acquiring the finest things that life has to offer. He knows that there is absolutely no photo that compares favorable to a Pictureman Photograph…. the premier of premium photographs. Obviously, he/she is a true connoisseur. Only the world’s most expensive film is selected for Pictureman Photographs. Exposed and developed these prized photos are carefully selected by our master photographer so the epitome of emotion is achieved… the experienced craftsman who takes each photograph is the elite of the trade. The art of photography is to be enjoyed by everyone. No one deserves it more than you. Taken by my hand, Eric Bushman, “Pictureman” ©All Photographs. Phone: 270-781-3315, email: ericscottbushman@yahoo.com

Photographic Specializations Adventure/Extreme, Automotive, Event, Sports/Action.